Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Social Media Optimization

Now a days we cannot rely only upon search engines to drive traffic to websites as there are lots more that we have discovered and lots are yet to be up. We have worked hard with search engines to get visibility, now we must peep into some broader perspectives that can prove as a revolution in website promotion and try for some new channels that can be more effective in driving traffic. One among them is social media optimization(SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites.This Methods include adding RSS feeds, adding a "Digg This" button, blogging and incorporating third party community functionalities like Flickr photo slides and galleries or YouTube videos. Social media optimization is a form of search engine marketing.

Social media optimization is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites. Similarly, the engagement with blogs achieves and by sharing content through the use of RSS in the blogsphere and special blog search engines such as Technorati.

The concept behind SMO is simply to implement changes in optimizing a site so that it can more easily be linked to, more highly visible in social media searches on custom search engines (such as Technorati), and more frequently and widely included in relevant posts on blogs, podcasts and vlogs.

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